Quality Policy

In order to ensure compliance with environmental legislation, Labor Law Legislation, GMP and local requirements and the expectations of stakeholders as the directors and employees of Bileşim Kimya, the following are our duties:

  • to comply with all relevant laws, other requirements, ISO 9001 Quality Management System and GMP standards in our activities,
  • to provide reliable products of ever-increasing quality and on time with the continuous improvement of the system by analyzing customer requests and expectations,
  • to produce products in the characteristics and time that our customers want and to meet the future expectations of our customers, technological developments are closely monitored and product development activities are carried out,
  • to increase the variety and quality of products that can respond to the changing and developing conditions of the market by following and applying the technological developments of the sector closely, to offer innovative consumer products produced in Turkey and International Market,
  • to continuously improve product and service quality by taking into account the changing and developing customer expectations, to support and spread this culture,
  • to conduct periodic review studies and continuous improvement of its effectiveness in order to maintain and develop the quality, environment, ISG and GMP integrated management system in accordance with the purpose of our organization,
  • to produce safe products to our customers safely, without compromising on quality and providing products in a standard that provides hygienic conditions that can be monitored from these products to suppliers,
  • to achieve a more effective production by reducing the waste rates that may occur during production,

Our Environmental Policy

In the Cleaning and Cosmetic Products Manufacturing Activities we operate as Bileşim Kimya; the following are our duties of the directors and employees of Bileşim Kimya:

  • Ensuring compliance with the standards established by all relevant laws and regulations and the ISO 14001 standard in the current situation and when making new investment decisions,
  • In order to contribute to the protection of biodiversity and ecosystem, to reduce risks and waste at the source, to recover waste, to carry out studies on the use of Natural Resources at a minimum level,
  • Carrying out works to increase environmental awareness with our suppliers and subcontractors providing goods and services to our company
  • Ensuring the management of wastes during service and arising from our production activities within the scope of zero waste regulation,
  • Continuously improving our Environmental Management System,
  • Use of processes, applications, techniques, materials, products, services or energy to prevent, reduce or control (separately or together) the formation, emission or discharge of any type of pollutant or waste in order to reduce adverse environmental effects,

Our Ohs Policy

In the Cleaning and Cosmetic Products Manufacturing Activities we operate as Bileşim Kimya; the following are our duties of the directors and employees of Bileşim Kimya:

  • to comply with all laws regarding occupational health and safety, other relevant requirements and ISO 45001 standards in our activities
  • to ensure the conditions stipulated by the applicable Occupational Health and safety legislation,
  • Analyzing and minimizing and continuously improving the health and safety risks that may arise due to dangerous situations and unsafe behaviors that may arise from our activities,
  • protecting all our employees, subcontractors, suppliers and visitors from all kinds of occupational accidents and occupational diseases by creating a safer, healthier environment,
  • Organization of training activities for the creation and development of Occupational Health and safety awareness,
  • taking necessary measures for systems where risks will be reduced to the lowest possible level by adopting the target of zero occupational accidents and zero occupational diseases,