Private Branded Products

Private Branded Products

Bileşim Kimya, which serves many grocery chains in our country and abroad in the field of making private branded products, stepped into the Sector 20 years ago at the beginning of the 2000s.

Thanks to products that meet the quality standards, Bileşim Kimya strengthened its position in Turkey and in the world market every day, is one of the leading companies in the field of Vegan certified cosmetics and personal care products with all cleaning products such as Hair Shampoo and Conditioner, Foam soap, Liquid soap, Liquid cleaning cream from Personal care, Cleaning and Cosmetic product groups. Bileşim Kimya which creates its own brands Vione, V1, Sio, Sionse, Mumex and Biotol with 100 percent domestic production, frequently mentions its name in the market leadership race with an annual production capacity of 85 thousand MT.

By exporting to more than 50 countries, Bileşim Kimya, which also contributes greatly to the national economy, continues its new export initiatives.

Bileşim Kimya has gained its success in the sector thanks to its establishment vision, expert staff, R & D studies and highly qualified production policy and product supply timing.

Bileşim Kimya aims to continue to be one step ahead in the market with its experienced R&D and marketing team and innovative products that direct the sector in addition to existing products, with hundreds of different types of products such as shampoos, diapers, and vegan cosmetics ,shampoo, liquid detergent, laundry cleaning products, kitchen cleaning products, wood cleaning, surface cleaning, scouring powder, cream cleaner, carpet shampoo, glass cleaning, liquid soap, conditioner, skin creams, shower gel, hair gel, wet wipes, baby in the product range that is renewed every day, in line with consumer needs and demands,

Our vision
To be a world-leading company providing innovative, reliable, cleaning and personal care solutions that will improve the quality of life of consumers with the goal of healthy and natural cleaning. To make a difference with our quality service and 100 percent domestic products.

By adopting the philosophy of customer satisfaction, it is to have a strong place in the world market. To provide the most suitable products and services to the Sunday and customer needs with our wide product range which is constantly renewed. It is to be continuously renewed and developed with a sustainable, environmental policy in accordance with the ‘quality and management systems ' accepted worldwide.

R&D Activities
Bileşim Kimya, one of the leading brands of the sector operating in the field of cleaning and personal care products, continues its investments in this field knowing the importance of R & D studies today, where competition intensifies every day and consumers are selective in their preferences.
New products developed through R & D studies create new trends in the sector and give direction to the sector.

In the research and development department of Bileşim Kimya, the trends, regulations, legal conditions in the world are followed and new cosmetic and detergent products are developed, which are high quality, friendly to human health.

It develops projects in cooperation with TUBITAK, which is the most important institution of technology in Turkey, and makes a great contribution to the diversity of domestic products.