As Bileşim Kimya, we produce in accordance with the Environmental Permit issued by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism, and thanks to our highly qualified production policy, we continue our work continuously to produce products that do not harm the environment and human health.While keeping the quality of our products sold worldwide at the highest level, we also complete all our certification processes for our reliability.

Among our 12 certifications, there are "Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate", "Quality System Certificate" and "Environmental Management System Certificate" and Bilişim Kimya has been awarded "Good Manufacturing", "Product Design and Design", "Production" and "Sales" Certificate given by Kiwa, one of the Test, Inspection and Certification (TIC) organizations among the top 20 leading companies in the world.

ISO45001 - 2018 Occupational Health and Safety Certificate

2018Occupational Health and Safety Certificate

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ISO14001 2015 - Environmental Management System Certificate

2015Environmental Management System Certificate

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GMP ISO 22716


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ISO9001 2015 - Quality Management System Certificate

2015 Quality Management System Certificate

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